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HD Ramble 'Round the Colonies is a 1,400 mile bicycle ride through eight of the original 13 colonies, to heighten public awareness of Huntington's Disease and to raise funds for research towards a cure. John and Marie Elsner and Marie Nemec will begin in New Hampshire on April 26 and pedal to the 17th Annual Convention of HDSA in Columbus OH on May 31-June 2.

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Charlotte Reicks will join the Ramble in Baltimore, MD.
The Ramble begins in Manchester, NH with the "official" kickoff in Boston alongside both the USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" and the Massachusetts General Hospital laboratory where the gene for HD was discovered in 1993. It heads through the Berkshire Hills through Hartford, CN and into New York City. The riders will visit "Ground

Zero" and the National office of HDSA. They continue on through Philadelphia, Baltimore, along the historic C&O Canal route through Maryland, west to Pittsburgh and into "The Western Reserve" ... Ohio! Along the way they will visit hospitals, research centers, support groups, and nursing homes that serve families touched by this devastating disease.

Funds Raised to Date-$5,763.00

Fund-raising totals for previous years ride:
2000- $39,500 (including $18,000 in matching funds from Generation 2000)
2001- $22,000 including $ 11,000 matching funds from Generation 2000)

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