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John and Marie Elsner John and Marie Elsner
Lincon City

Marie and John Elsner
Marie and John Elsner
Whidbey Island

Charlotte Reicks
Charlotte Reicks in the ride t-shirt

Nick with Ride Shirt
Nick with ride t-shirt

Nebraska Border
I-80 at Nebraska Border

Charlotte and Marie
Charlotte and Marie

Van at Marie's House
Van at Marie's House



More Ramble Photos

Group at MGH Research Building
Left to right, John and Marie Elsner, Dr. Jim Gusella, Marie Nemec and Dr. Marcy MacDonald in the atrium of the MGH research building.

Dr. Elena Ivanova
Dr. Elena Ivanova, an MGH postdoctoral fellow from Russia signs Marie's Ramble T-Shirt.

Researcher signing Jon's shirt
Another MGH HD researcher signs John Elsner's Ramble T-shirt...with him in it!

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