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Photo Gallery

As Marie and the riders travel across the country we will post photos of the wonderful sites they see and experience.

Gallery One
  • The riders and the Cause
  • Kickoff Breakfast
  • At the Starting point
  • On the Katy Trail
  • Families and Friends along the way
Gallery Two
  • Hamel, IL and Route 66
  • Cross at the Crossroads
  • Madona of the Trail
  • Montrose, IL NOT Montrose, CO.
  • "The National Road"
  • NOT the Western US.
Gallery Three
  • On the Way
  • More Host Families
  • The Y Bridge
  • Hopalong
Gallery Four
  • Steamship Arabia
  • At the Convention
Gallery Five
  • On the Way Back
  • Flight 93 Memorial
Gallery Six
  • Madonna of the Trail
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